ShowerGo Twenty Liter Solar Portable Shower
ShowerGo Twenty Liter Solar Portable Shower
ShowerGo Twenty Liter Solar Portable Shower

ShowerGo Twenty Liter Solar Portable Shower

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The ShowerGo Allows You To Enjoy a Relaxing Shower on The Move. It's An Absolute Must-Have For Those Who Love The Outdoors. It Heats Up To 45 Degrees In Less Than Three Hours.  Adventure During The Day, Shower Properly At Night!

Enjoy a refreshing shower anywhere, anytime:
Shower on the go with the ShowerGo. Simply hang it up and enjoy a nice refreshing shower.

Super Large Capacity:
The ShowerGo has a twenty-liter capacity. that's five gallons which are more than enough for anybody. 

Get 45 Degrees Celcius Water In Under Three Hours:
Get a bag of warm water in three hours. Enjoy a warm relaxing shower after that long hike or day out fishing. It even has a thermostat on board to measure how warm the water is. 

No Unnesascery Leaks:
The ShowerGo does not leak at all. That's thanks to its anti-leak valve, which makes not only filling the ShowerGo 

Use it as a shower or as a portable tap to wash clothes, dishes, pets, etc. It's also a perfect portable water tank for on the go. You can use it to wash your car with it.
Easy To Store:
The ShowerGo folds flat when not in use and it only weighs 400g without water. It is extremely light and such a breeze to store. 


Are you adventurous? Do you just wish you could enjoy a nice relaxing warm shower on the go? Wish there was a better solution to washing yourself whilst camping. Then you need to check out the ShowerGo

The ShowerGo is the shower on the go. Stop relying on dirty campsite showers or going days without a wash when you can have a ShowerGo. It takes up to 5 liters of water which heats up over 45 degrees in three hours. 

The ShowerGo Is For The Smart Adventurer. The One Who Wants To Maintain Optimal Performance Throughout Their Trip. It's For Those Who Want To Keep Fresh On The Go Rather Than Suffer and Sweat. 

The ShowerGo can also be used to clean dishes, use as water storage, clean pets, and even clean cars.

It doesn't leak and that's thanks to the anti-leak valve system which also makes filling the ShowerGo extremely easy.

The ShowerGo is So Convenient. If You Don't Have One Then What Are You Doing? It's Ideal For Camping, Fishing, Hiking, etc. 

It also weighs 400g without water, and it folds up very easily making it a breeze to store. It will easily fit in your bag with no issues at all. 

Enjoy a refreshing shower on the go today with the ShowerGo. Trust us, it's 100% worth it.


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