Magic Multifunction Storage Bag
Magic Multifunction Storage Bag
Magic Multifunction Storage Bag

Magic Multifunction Storage Bag

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The only bag where you can clean up in seconds. Meet the bag which eliminates stress at tidy up times😱🧳

  • YOU GET THREE THINGS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE: This bucket bag can easily be used as a child's 50cm or 150cm playmat or you can take out the magic drawstring bag and use that as an external bag. You get a bucket box then, a playmat, and a magic drawstring bag for the price of one. An absolutely mind-blowing deal. 
  • MADE FROM DURABLE WATERPROOF OXFORD CLOTH: This bucket bag is made to survive every day of life. It can easily be carried around too with its ultra-strong handles. Being waterproof you also don't have to worry about anything inside getting wet.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This bag isn't just made for toys. It is perfect for makeup, camping, utensils, and more. it is also a perfect picnic partner! The drawstring bag included inside brings everything together keeping them organized and secure.  
  • A MUST HAVE FOR LEGO PIECES: You know the feeling when you step on a Lego piece? It kills, doesn't it? Say goodbye to that with this ultimate must-have bag which eliminates the chances of stepping on a Lego whilst cleaning up.


The future of storage is here. For years and years, parents have had to suffer by using useless storage bags or boxes to tidy up their kids' toys. We realized there needed to be a solution to this. We knew how much stress tidy up time caused and how it was almost impossible to keep all of the toys tidy, that is why we invented this smart 3in1 bucket bag with a playmat and magic drawstring bag. 

It isn't just for toys though. You can use it as a makeup bag, a picnic bag, a utensils bag, a toiletries bag, and more. It is the ultimate storage solution and it eliminates mess altogether. It is also waterproof meaning you will never have to worry about anything getting wet inside. 

The drawstring bag keeps everything together and can easily be taken out to use as an external separate bag to keep other things safe. This bag can be used for so many things you would have to be crazy not to buy one. Imagine all the money you would save from buying each thing separately. Do the right thing and get the smartest storage solution of this year.




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