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The Ultimate To a Common Everyday Problem That We ALL Face. Meet The PortaStool. Made For The Smart Traveller

  • Folds easily and fits into most bags 

  • Supports up to 180 kg (400lb)- this is almost two baby elephants

  • Weighs Under 1kg

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What Is Some Of The BIGGEST Problems Travellers Face Everyday?

Not Being Able To Find a Seat Whilst Travelling

Literally one of the MOST annoying things ever. Happens to billions of us worldwide every day.

It's rush hour in New York. You catch the Subway only to realise that all the seats are taken. Your trip from the Bronx to Lower Manhattan will take half an hour. Do you really want to stand for half an hour? Your knees start to ache and you start to get hot. If only you could find a seat hey? 

This is a common scenario for most people globally every day. If they just had a PortaStool, would this be a problem? If you're a smart traveller, then you know you have to improvise sometimes and break the rules a little. That's what PortaStool is all about. 

It folds and fits into most bags and it can support upto 190k (400 lb). That is almost TWO baby elephants. 

Having To Stand Around Waiting

You're at London Heathrow ready to board a Qantas plane to Sydney. All of a sudden, your flight is delayed for 4 hours. Nowhere to sit in the departure lounge. What do you do?

Well, you can either stand around like an absolute lemon and get sore knees waiting for a seat to be free. You can sit on the floor (for four hours really?) or you can wander off elsewhere in fear that you could miss something important. I'd take none of those options. In fact, i'll get myself a PortaStool and be comfortable like everyone else. In fact, I can be more comfortable as i can place the stool near the sockets so I can charge my Macbook and watch Netflix or go on YouTube to see Mr Beast do something weird.. 

In all seriousness, everyone has to wait. We wait for the bus, train, metro, etc. So why not wait in comfort? The PortaStool can be adjusted to suit your height. It's perfect for kids, adults and anyone else in between!

PortaStool Is Ideal For

Why Every Smart Traveller Needs a PortaStool


The Nokia 3310 of Stools

The PortaStool isn't just strong. It's ULTRA STRONG. It may fold up and all and be portable, but this little stool can accommodate a big grizzly bear or almost two baby elephants. It's perfect for any human then. Whether your a small child or  prime Arnold Schwarzenegger, the PortaStool is perfect for you.

It even locks in place too so it won't move about when your using it. Then it also includes a durable nylon strap so you can carry it around with you. Best of all, it only weighs under 1 kg. That's 180 times less than a big grizzly bear!

If only everything was as strong as a PortaStool. It's probably stronger than a Nokia 3310. 

Use Anytime Anywhere

Use the PortaStool anytime, anywhere. It's perfect for hikers, campers, those on public transport, fishers, etc. It fits into most bags with ease, and it can easily be clipped onto a hiking bag. It is an absolute must-have really since it's so light and when folded it's super slim. 

No more having to carry around big folding stools or chairs anymore. This simply fits in your bag, and off you go. It can easily be stored in an overhead locker too on the plane. What an absolute convenience. 

The PortaStool is a must-have for all travellers. Perfect for anywhere, anytime. Whether your on the bus, on the metro, waiting for a plane, camping, fishing, at the zoo, at festivals, etc.

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The PortaStool is the number one solution to a common problem BILLIONS of us face everyday. Not being able to find a seat on public transport. If this sounds like you, listen up. The PortaStool supports upto 400lb (180kg). That's one whole bear yet it easily fits into most bags.😱

Sounds too good to be true? Try one out with a 60 day money back guarantee, free tracked shipping and a two year warranty. While stock lasts 🕚

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How heavy is the PortaStool?

The PortaStool weighs only 0.98 kg. That's 998 g which is less than the weight of a bag of sugar. That's pretty light then.

Is the PortaStool easy to carry

The PortaStool features a durable nylon strap, so you can easily carry it on your arm. It's just like carrying a handbag

Is It Easy To Clean?

The PortaStool is very easy to clean. It can easily be cleaned with a wet wipe which makes it such a convenience.