Cat Furniture Scratch Guards
Cat Furniture Scratch Guards
Cat Furniture Scratch Guards

Cat Furniture Scratch Guards

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🤬 Tired Of Your Cat Destroying Your Walls And Furniture? These Cat Furniture Scratch Guards Are The Only Solution Of Stopping Your Cat From Scratching and Damaging Your Furniture. 🐈


Say Goodbye To Scratched Furniture

All cat owners have this issue and they all hate it. This eliminates that issue hugely as it prevents your cat from scratching and destroying your furniture. 

Easy To Apply
Our cat furniture scratch guards are just so simple to apply to your furniture. They come with pins to make sure it sticks to your furniture and it doesn't move along.
Two Pieces Included:

There are two cat furniture scratch guards meaning you can protect all sides of your furniture. Your cat won't scratch your furniture any longer.


Is your cat driving you crazy scratching your furniture? Do you wish there was something that prevented this and protected your furniture? Well, then you need these cat scratch furniture guards.

These Scratch Guards Are A Must-Have For Any Cat Owner. Protect Your Furniture For Good. 

We know just how much of an issue it causes cat owners when their cats scratch their furniture. That's why we made these scratch guards which eliminate that issue. 

There are also two scratch guards in the pack which means you can protect all sides of your furniture. You can also easily secure the guards using the pins included. It's so easy to apply to any sofa surface.

It's ideal for every cat owner. It's by far the best solution to ripped furniture. We know you hate your furniture getting ruined by your cat's nails.