Where Do I Leave Feedback?

Simples. If you have any queries please visit this link:

Where Do I Track Shipping?

Simples. Just follow this link to our shipping and there will be instructions on how to track your precious parcel:

How Long Does it Take for My Precious Package To Arrive?

Shipping times vary depending on the season, location and circumstances. Please allow  10-30 business days for your product to arrive. If you have to wait any longer please contact us as we can get things sorted ASAP. We want to work with you so please be patient with us especially during busy times.

We state all shipping times within our product descriptions and where they ship from. Our handling time is usually 3-5 days, again depending on circumstances and seasons. 

We will always keep you updates along the way with tracking numbers, If you need any more support feel free to contact us here: .

What if Want to Return My Product?

Things happen. We understand. What we can do in this situation is many things. We can order a new one in for you free of charge or simply refund you. You will always get to keep the product in question. If you do want to return your product please contact us

We would need full photo and video evidence. It could maybe you are using the product wrong. We want to help you and the only way we can is if you help us  help you. We would also need pictures of the packaging.

If the product arrives damaged please sign as DAMAGED. We will email you this after you have ordered from us. This makes the whole process easier for the both of us as we both know sometimes logistics can get messy.

What If I am Not Satisfied?

If we have tried everything and you are still not satisfied, we will simply refund you.

What If Customer Support Isn't Helping?

Contact us and ask for the manager. Simple as. Then the email we will be directed to the heads of our company and we will be able to solve whatever is needed.

Are My Payment Details Safe Here?

One hundred (and ten percent) yes. We use a very secure payment processor on a very secure site. Your payment details are not saved to some huge database etc. After you have paid they are deleted. We only keep your mailing address and name for obvious reasons. 

Your safe with us. A very secure site with an advanced SSL certificate in-place so you get better protection across the web.

I Have More Questions.

Just visit our contact page.