Sleep Assist White Noise Machine
Sleep Assist White Noise Machine

Sleep Assist White Noise Machine

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💤 The only device which will give a baby a peaceful night's sleep. Say goodbye to distressed bedtimes with the sleep assist relaxing white noise machine. 😴


  • NINE NATURAL SOUNDS: Choose from nine relaxing pre-recorded natural sounds that indulge your senses. It's relaxing. It will help you go to sleep. It's perfect to listen to if you're stressed.
  • PERFECT FOR MEDITATION: The white noises are perfect for meditation. They're elegant and help you concentrate. They are all-natural which helps you discover the soul within. The calm crisp white noises this machine makes eliminates stress and distractions. 
  • RECHARGEABLE: With 50 hours of playback time, this thing can last for 7 hours of sleep for 7 days, therefore you only need to charge it once per week. It takes an hour to charge, making it ever so convenient. 
  • LIGHT UP: This also has a light built-in which is perfect for relaxing and it can act as a night light
  • RECYCLABLE: The batteries in the sleep assist can easily be recycled. This makes it so much more environmentally friendly. Plus the standby mode lasts longer than 90 days.   
  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY: The sleep assist is very lightweight and compact. However, it is also very durable and the audio is of very high-quality. It can easily be taken about anywhere and everywhere. 
  • EASY TO USE: With simple playback buttons, volume buttons, etc all laid out in an organized manner, this machine is simple to use. Even a baby could use it if they wanted to. 

Are you having trouble relaxing? Do you have trouble sleeping? Looking for something that reduces stress? Look no further.

The sleep assist stress relief white noise machine is a must-have for those who find it a bit tricky to relax. It's very calming. Very soothing. It's also very compact so it's easy to store. It's also portable.

It's very easy to charge as it only takes one hour. For that, you get 50 hours of playback time which means it can run for seven hours of sleep per seven days. This then only needs to be charged once a week at most. That makes it ever so convenient. 

The sleep assist has nine inbuilt natural sounds that are perfect for relaxation. It indulges your senses and helps you concentrate. Whether doing a stressful job or meditation. It also has an in-built night light. 

Simplicity is also key. The sleep assist is very easy to use with its simple playback buttons, volume, etc. Anybody can use it, even a baby! 




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