Meet The SnuffleMat. The Number One Solution to an Anxious Dog. 


  • Simulates an outdoor environment 

  • Machine washable 

  • ideal for elder dogs 

Why The Dog Snuffle Mat Is Worth The Difference

Dogs Never Get Bored: This snuffle mat is ideal for any dog. It allows your dog to try out new puzzles and food or treats can easily be hidden in the mat to make it more exciting. 

Reduces Stress and Anxiety for Dogs: This snuffle mat will relax your dog whilst relieving it of any stress or anxiety. It's ideal for dogs who are left alone for long periods throughout the day

Easy To Clean: This snuffle mat is machine washable and is also suitable for tumble dryers. It's so easy and convenient to keep clean. 

Ideal For Slow Eaters: If your dog eats too fast, then this mat is a must. Food can be hidden in the mat and it will encourage your dog to eat slower whilst letting them have fun finding the food.

Why let your dog suffer with anxiety when for just $25 you can reduce your dog's anxiety within minutes. If you really care about your dog, then you'll definitely invest in a SnuffleMat!

What Makes The Snuffle Mat So Special?

Our Snuffle Mat is made from trusted high quality materials, to ensure your dog stays calm and comfortable. 

Your dog matters. Therefore, we made sure the snuffle mat was made of the highest quality materials. This ensures your dog is kept calm and relaxed. Your dog's mental and physical health is our #1 priority. 

✅Made From High Quality Polyester

✅Folds Up For Easier Storage

✅Suitable For All Dogs

✅Pockets In The Mat To Store Food

😱This new snuffle mat is the only toy that dogs will never get bored of. Many dog owners actually call it the "secret weapon" to keeping their anxious dogs relaxed throughout the day. Try one out for your dog now with a 30-day money-back guarantee.🐶

$49.99 USD$24.99 USD


There is limited stock. Once the stock counter hits zero, there will be no more SnuffleMats left. There will be no restocks, no second chances, etc. 

If you do not purchase right now, we cannot guarantee that there will be another chance to get your dog a SnuffleMat. 

Don't be one of the few who miss out, get yours right now whilst they're still in stock!


Who Designed The SnuffleMat?

The SnuffleMat was designed by a group of top experts, who wanted to create a dog toy which could not only calm down dogs, but guarantee them hours of fun. It's soft fibers simulate a thick grassy field which will allow your dog to feel like they're outside. 

The SnuffleMat was fitted with hidden pockets so that snacks and treats could be hidden in the mat. This ensures a lifetime of fun for your dog whilst increasing their intelligence, physical and mental health. 

We used top scientific studies to help us build the SnuffleMat. We also interviewed hundreds of dog owners to find out what they wanted from a dog toy.

Why The SnuffleMat Is A Must Have For Your Dog

Feel The Premium Quality With The World's Best Dog Toy. Made To Make YOUR Dog Be More Productive. 

The "secret" To a Calm Dog 

Reduce Dog Anxiety Within Minutes

We all know that dogs love to explore in the fields as it really calms them down. However, sometimes it's not possible for dogs to go out and explore. That's why we made sure the SnuffleMat simulated the sensation of walking along a grassy field, so dogs can keep exploring anytime anywhere.

Thea non-toxic snuffle fibers are very durable and soft which helps easily calm your dog down within minutes.

Endless Possibilities. 

Say Goodbye to Toy Boredom

Dogs have been known to get bored of toys very quickly. Many dog owners every month waste so much money on new toys for their beloved dogs, only to find that they get bored of them within a week. This $25 dog snuffle mat is the only dog toy that dogs never get bored of.

It has endless possibilities. Multiple pockets so you can easily hide snacks and treats inside for your dog. This means they never get bored as there is always something new for them to do. The SnuffleMat always keeps your dog exploring which increases their confidence, concentration but most of all, it ensures they never get bored. 

Every dog owner needs this. It's time to get your dog a toy that will last them a lifetime rather than a week. Unless you want to carry on wasting your money on mediocre dog squeaky or balls which dogs get bored of within a week. This is the must-have tog toy that you need. 

Still Skeptical?

Try For 30 Days Risk Free

Still unsure? We know how you feel. How about a 30-day money-back guarantee? Sounds good right? If you don't like your SnuffleMat, we will refund you in full. 

You seriously have nothing to lose. Don't be that one guy who misses out, as trust me, these things are selling like hotcakes. 

 Click that buy now button today, and treat your dog to the best toy they will ever receive. 

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

See why these people from all around the world love the SnuffleMat. Is it the high quality? the convenience? Or the fact that it actually is the #1 solution to a calm dog?

“The SnuffleMat has been an absolute lifesaver for me and my dog during lockdown. It has allowed him to stay calm all day. I definitely recommend the mat to all dog owners.”

Marios Spanos

Brooklyn, NY, USA

“Fantastic value for money! Folds up easily and the dogs just love it as it is so soft and frilly. Very durable, dogs haven't been able to rip it apart or so. They play with it all day! Just one was and the thing looks brand new again! Also reduces my dogs anxiety on a stormy night or so, which is so helpful. ”

Dave Novak

Sydney, NWS, Australia

"I purchased three Snuffle Mats for my dogs, and they all love them! They're so soft and they have hidden pockets to hide food. The mat also folds up which makes it easy to store, and it's also machine washable so it is a huge convenience. The SnuffleMat definitely gets my approval 👍"

Varun Kuravi

Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Your Questions, Answered.

Can't find an answer? Email us at

Is the SnuffleMat Machine Washable?

Yes, you will be pleased to know that every SnuffleMat is machine washable. This makes things so much more convenient and easy to live with. It is also dryer safe too. 

  Can Treats Be Hidden In The Mat?

Yes. There are many small pockets inside which food and other treats can easily be stored. This then gives your dog endless of hours of fun. 

Is This Mat Suitable For Bigger Dogs Such as a German Shepard

Yes, the snuffle mat is suitable for all dog breeds. From Shih Tzu's to Huskies. 

How Large Is The Snuffle Mat?

The SnuffleMat is 45 cm (17.7 inches. More than enough for any dog.